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We understand the difficulties that come along with preparing for litigation. Our team has the ability to conduct a wide range of legal investigation services.  We can get you the information you need to excel in the courtroom.  Whether that be locating witnesses, conducting interviews, or reviewing the evidence, our main goal is to handle all the foot work so you can focus on more important tasks.

Our team will work to ensure that you have every bit of information you need to prepare your case. With years of courtroom experience under our belt, you can rest assured that our team of investigators understand the legal system, and know what you need to win your case.


Injured Worker

Surveillance is crucial in insurance fraud investigations and confirming testimony in civil litigation. Surveillance is also useful in many business investigations, including employee theft and embezzlement.

Workers' Compensation

Do you have reason to believe your employee isn't injured? Or maybe the employee's injuries are being exacerbated. Our team will uncover the truth so you can protect your business.


Subpoena Services

Often times the subject can’t be located or they are intentionally evading service. If it's an important case with a deadline, an experienced private investigator may be needed to track down the subject and get the legal papers served. We can help.


Background Checks

Finding out who someone really is or discovering important things about their past can give you peace of mind. Our team can conduct an in-depth background investigation on any subject, simply provide us with a little bit of information and we will take care of the rest.


Forensic Accounting

We provide independent advice, investigative services, data analytics, business valuation analysis, forensic accounting, expert testimony, and dispute consulting to corporations.

Asset Investigations

Taking part in a business transaction? Our team can conduct an asset check on your subject to ensure that they are not concealing any information which could hurt your business.

Business Valuation

We serve as an independent advisor providing transaction opinions to help companies, their boards of directors and other stakeholders to fulfill their fiduciary duties in connection with a proposed transaction.


Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement is a growing problem in the United States and worldwide. It takes form in intellectual property theft, software theft, music and movie piracy, bootlegging and imitation products, etc. Investigation into these matters takes experience and knowledge of the law.


Accident Investigations

We specialize in accident investigations for personal injury cases. Our experience in this field gives you the assurance that your accident investigation will be conducted with the highest level of expertise.

Witness Interviews

We know every aspect of obtaining the highest quality statements from witnesses. Whether the need for a witness statement is for a civil or criminal case, we have the experience and expertise to get the best possible results.

Records Procurement

Official records are an important investigative tool in every accident. It is important to obtain primary information from first-responders in order to accurately assess the entire scope of the accident.

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