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How Can a Private Investigator Help You?

A private investigator is a professional trained in the art of conducting investigations, surveillance and gathering facts that are admissible in court. Like any professional, in the State of California, a license is mandatory in that certain qualifications, training and experience are required for licensing to protect you from those who do not have the knowledge or credentials to do the job properly. At Landmark Investigations, we frequently assist individuals, attorneys and businesses with a variety of legal, financial and personal problems with tasks such as surveillance, research and witness interviews. Essentially, we obtain information for our client and gather additional evidence and intelligence that will give you the ability to make sound knowledgeable decisions based upon facts.

Landmark Investigations specializes in surveillance and undercover operations.  We use a wide variety of professional-grade surveillance equipment to obtain the highest quality video and photographs.  Surveillance is one of the oldest and most common practices in investigative services.  But whether you’re gathering protective intelligence on a subject, or investigating an insurance fraud case, real-time, direct observation remains a useful tool.  Surveillance entails shadowing the suspect to obtain information.  This type of surveillance may be done in a variety of ways, including tracking on foot and following in a vehicle.  Surveillance should always be covert and undetected.  We utilize cutting-edge technology like body cams to observe individuals involved in cheating spouse investigations, as well as employee theft, misuse of company resources, policy violations, and much more.

We use covert, high-quality, 4K video cameras, remote-access IP camera technology, long-range lenses, and other cutting-edge technology to obtain the evidence our clients need for court, as well as peace of mind.  We also use unmanned surveillance when documenting activities at a particular address or other fixed location.  Unmanned surveillance uses stationary cameras that blend in with the environment to obtain discreet, effective, and legal video recordings.  They are designed to perform for long periods, three to ten days, and are a fraction of the cost of manned surveillance.

For private investigators, GPS tracking is an invaluable asset when it comes to surveillance.  Not only does it provide concrete evidence for private investigators, they are also safe, efficient, and cost-effective.  GPS devices, which are relatively small in size, can be affixed to the exterior of a vehicle without altering its appearance.  The device sends data to a host about where it has traveled using satellite technology.  We use advanced surveillance equipment in order to provide the most accurate information to our clients.  In addition, Tom was born and raised in Los Angeles, so he knows the area better than anyone else.

We conduct all surveillance activities in a professional and ethical manner.  We have conducted thousands of investigations and we keep raising the bar in terms of success and quality.  We also belong to several professional organizations and attend regular industry meetings to keep current on the newest trends and technology.


ATTorney Services

You may think that you have no need for a private investigator; however, one of the most important decisions an attorney can make during their career is to develop a close working relationship with a professional private investigator. Law school and job experience provide you with valuable litigation skills, but they do have their limitations. A reliable investigator can be the difference between a good, or bad, outcome. Ask any successful trial attorney, and more often than not, they will praise the work of their investigator. As an experienced investigator, I can help you leverage your position and find resourceful and efficient ways to challenge your opposition. Here are a few ways that you may use the services of our agency:

  • Surveillance
  • Asset Searches
  • Background Investigations
  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Defense Work
  • Litigation Support
  • Photos/Videos
  • Recorded Witness Statements
  • Witness Location


Business Services

Prior to experiencing a serious business situation, let Landmark Investigations provide you with the facts and evidence essential to making the sound knowledgeable decisions needed to protect you and your business. Employee misconduct, whether it involves fraud, theft, harassment or malfeasance can be harmful to any business and extremely costly in today’s competitive work environment. Protecting your commercial assets through proactive, discreet investigations is an option that should be seriously considered.

Landmark Investigations is able to assist your business with the following services so that you may remain focused on your business’ core mission:

  • Undercover Operations
  • Surveillance
  • Asset Searches for Business
  • Employee Background Checks
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Employee Surveillance
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Employee Theft
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Workers’ Compensation


Consumer Services

If you are experiencing a serious personal situation necessitating professional assistance and are viewing our website, you are probably requiring the aid of a licensed private investigator. Private Investigators can provide you with the information and intelligence essential to making sound knowledgeable decisions to protect you and your family.

Landmark Investigations is able to assist you with the following services:

  • Consumer Asset Searches
  • Consumer Background Checks
  • Consumer Surveillance
  • Consumer Forensic Accounting
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Elder Abuse
  • Infidelity / Cheating Spouse

Background Checks

We perform comprehensive background checks to uncover information about a person’s character and past.



We are surveillance experts and use the latest technology to get the highest quality video footage.

landmark investigations - private investigations page - infidelity - cheating spouse

Infidelity / Cheating Spouse

It is estimated that 30% to 60% of all married individuals will engage in infidelity at some point during their marriage.

landmark investigations - private investigations page - undercover

Undercover Operations

We are experts at undercover, covert operations in order to solve our clients most complicated problems.

landmark investigations - private investigations page - child custody

Child Custody

We can gather clear and convincing evidence you can present if you seek to modify a child custody order.

alimony termination

Alimony Termination

We have successfully investigated and gathered evidence to support petitions for an order of alimony termination or reduction.

landmark investigations - private investigations page - forensic accounting

Forensic accounting

We provide forensic accounting and financial analysis services in order to prepare an accurate and independent loss valuations.

subpoena service

subpoena services

We specialize in difficult serves when the subject can’t be located or they are intentionally evading service.

Witness Interviews

We specialize in locating and interviewing witnesses that may be able to provide additional facts.

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