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Landmark Investigations is the best Surveillance Investigation Team in southern california.

Surveillance is our firm’s specialty.  Surveillance investigation is tailing a suspect, and watching everything they do throughout the day. From a discreet location such as a car, we monitor the person of interest, taking photos and videos which you can use later to prove your case.

There are many reasons people hire Landmark Investigations for surveillance investigations, but some of the most common reasons include:

Catching a Cheating Husband or Wife

Infidelity and money problems are the two leading causes of divorce. When one partner is stepping out, it often means that both partners could be headed for a time-consuming and potentially expensive divorce settlement. Either side (or both) may hire the a private surveillance investigator to take photos or videos of their spouse, in order to win the settlement (or ideally, obviate the need to go to court entirely by providing overwhelming evidence).

Putting An End To Recurrent Theft, Vandalism, or Harassment

When you are the victim of recurring crimes such as theft or vandalism, or when you’re the target of harassment by a person known or unknown to you, it can often feel like there’s no one to turn to. Landmark Investigations can help, by first identifying the suspect and second providing overwhelming photo and video evidence collected through surveillance that can give the police the information they need to make an arrest.

Proving a Workers Compensation Case

We can tail a suspect around the clock to prove or disprove a workers compensation claim. If someone is faking an injury, they’ll eventually let their guard down and we’ll be there to catch it on camera. We provide surveillance investigation for workers comp cases for insurance companies and for attorneys in the southern California area. Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to talk about your surveillance needs.

Locating a Witness or Missing Person

We can help you find a witness or a missing relative. If you think they are residing or employed in the southern California area, we can monitor the location to give you conclusive proof. If you need help making contact for the first time, we are happy to help with that process as well.

Helping Landlords Evict Bad Tenants

If you have a tenant that is openly violating their lease, we’ll give you the proof you need to bring them into compliance or evict them.

Catching An Abusive Babysitter or Nanny

No matter how much you trust your babysitter or you parent’s caretaker, when you get a feeling that something is going on that is not right, you need answers immediately. Let Landmark Investigations discreetly answers these questions and provide you with the evidence you need to take action if needed. We’ll conduct a surveillance investigation that will provide you with the photo and video evidence you need.

As a private investigator, Tom Graybill is the most qualified surveillance investigator in Southern California

Just read Tom’s Bio, and you’ll see that there is no one more qualified to perform surveillance investigations in Los Angeles and Orange counties than Tom Graybill and his team at Landmark Investigations. We’ll provide the experience you trust and the answers you need, quickly.

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