Landmark Investigations Plays Key Role in Securing Multi-Million Dollar Trademark Award for Monster Energy

Investigation conducted by Landmark Investigations helps Monster Energy win $175 million in fees and royalties in largest-ever trademark award ruling

Los Angeles, CA – Landmark Investigations, renowned private investigation agency, has announced their successful contribution to a recent historic trademark award for one of their high-profile clients. The investigative work and testimony provided by Landmark Investigations proved pivotal in assisting Monster Energy Drinks and Orange Bang Inc to reach a $175 million settlement in a ruling that sent shockwaves throughout the energy drink industry. This ruling included approximately $60 million in annual royalty and $10 million in attorney fees, which experts believe to be the biggest trademark settlement of its kind in American history. 

“Our mission has always been to provide our clients with high-quality investigative services, so we couldn’t be happier that our investigation was so impactful,” said Tom Graybill, founder & CEO of Landmark Investigations. “In fact, I’m proud to say our investigation was so significant, the judge even quoted my testimony in the final decision.”

“As Thomas Graybill (“Graybill”) testified, Monster’s and Orange Bangs’s investigator, despite his many retail visits, BANG Energy RTD was “not once” located in the vitamin or supplement section. Graybill Testimony, AHT, p. 1693:25-1624:6”

The ruling found that Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc, maker of the popular “Bang Energy” drink, owed the massive settlement to Monster Energy Company and Orange Bang Inc for infringing on their trademark rights. Reportedly, Vital Pharmaceuticals had breached a 2010 agreement it had made with Orange Bang involving the use of  the “Bang” name on energy drink products. In addition, the ruling requires Vital Pharmaceuticals to pay a 5% royalty on products with “Bang” branding within certain criteria.

“Our investigation helped provide the lead council with what would amount to overwhelming evidence showing that previous contracts had been broken and established trademarks had been violated,” continued Mr. Graybill. “Frankly, this was a great victory for our client and our experienced team of investigators.”

Landmark Investigations provides a wide range of investigative services for private and public corporations of all sizes. This recent victory is part of their ongoing commitment to uncovering the truth for clients throughout the United States and around the world. 

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