Corporate Fraud Investigation Services

We help organizations predict, detect, investigate, and respond to fraud and other unethical behavior. Let us find the facts you need to protect your business, clients, and personal interests.


The Game is Changing:
The Threats are Increasing

Fraud costs organizations billions every year, and exposes them to significant legal risks. But preventing it is a complex challenge, complicated further by today’s fast paced environment. When organizations move quickly to navigate change, market volatility, and digital transformation, bad actors exploit new processes, technologies and potential cracks in fraud defenses. In today’s environment, there is an increasing threat from external perpetrators—bad actors that are quickly growing in strength and effectiveness.

Here is the perpetrator of the most disruptive and serious fraud in 2022:



(41% in 2020)



(28% in 2020)



(21% in 2020)

Based on a recent 2022 Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey, nearly 70% of the most disruptive incidents came from external attacks or collusion between external and internal sources.


Reveal the Truth
& Minimize Risk

We help organizations predict, detect and respond to threats and fraud risks with a sophisticated mix of technology, digital forensics, and proven investigative techniques. We understand our clients’ needs for confidentiality, and consistently deliver results in the following matters:

Corporate Due Diligence

Making decisions about business arrangements, investments, or transactions can be difficult. The more information you have, the easier the decision-making process can be and the more confident you can feel about your decision. At Landmark Investigations, we consider corporate due diligence one of our specialties.

Financial Fraud & Forensic Accounting

Examples of financial fraud include bribery, embezzlement, forgery, kickbacks, misappropriation of funds and money laundering. Our comprehensive approach to forensic accounting helps discover how the fraud was perpetrated and how to prevent reoccurrence.

Insurance Investigations

Our investigators work with insurance companies and TPAs to help identify and investigate suspicious insurance claims, from conducting background and skip trace investigations, to running social media investigations and performing physical surveillance in some of the most complicated areas of the nation.

Litigation Support

Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant, we apply our cross-industry experience and litigation support to find evidence to support your case. We sign affidavits to attest to the veracity of our findings while your communications with us remain confidential.


Other Corporate
Investigation Services

How can you protect yourself and your business from internal or external fraud? While there are no full-proof methods to eliminate the potential for fraud, you can greatly reduce your risk by enlisting the services of our qualified fraud investigation professionals. We have the training and experience to uncover evidence of past fraudulent activity, and the expertise to help you prevent future occurrences.

Asset Search

The Landmark Investigations team has a long history of tracking and recovering assets for its clients in the U.S. and abroad.

Ethics & Compliance Reporting

Outsourcing the investigation of ethics complaints relieves the strain on your H.R. team and provides peace of mind for your workforce.

Surveillance & Counter Surveillance

Any investigation services may include an element of surveillance or counter surveillance to protect you, your employees, and your business assets.


When hiring employees, bringing on a new partner, or dealing with other organizations, it is crucial to verify that the individual or organization is trustworthy.

Forensic Document Examination

We verify the authenticity of contracts, medical records, property deeds, court filings, and insurance policies. Our services also include handwriting identification and detection of forgeries.


SIU Investigation Process

Our SIU (Special Investigations Unit) process can involve interviews, evidence collection, onsite visits, and collaboration with internal (and external) parties to produce a verified report for testimony in court proceedings. Our investigators, all of whom have prior experience testifying in court, are specifically trained in laws surrounding special investigations, and are well versed in:

Evidence Collection

Using the right investigative techniques during scene investigations, to collect, document, analyze, and preserve crucial evidence.


Conducting skilled interviews (oral, written, and recorded) with the ability to recognize deception during questioning.


Document verification, including analysis of financial records, property ownership, court filings, and medical billing irregularities.

Expert Testimony

Understanding bad faith, the investigative process, investigators’ powers, court proceedings and depositions.


Our Testimonials

Our primary objective is to present our clients with the information they need to make confident, well-informed decisions. We’ve saved millions of dollars for our clients using our unrivaled experience, professionalism, and steadfast commitment to producing results.

We deliver the answers you deserve.

Tom was great to work with from start
to finish, I hired him to do investigative work and surveillance for my case.
Highly recommended for any type of
private investigation work
and surveillance!
Caitlin L.
Studio City, CA
We're very pleased with the employee background check work that Tom did for
us on short notice. I especially liked that
he had years of experience here in OC
and that he had a good understanding
of the legal issues.
Crystal P.
Huntington Beach, CA
I highly recommend Tom if you ever find that you need a smart, dedicated and reliable private investigator for any type of investigation. I need to give extra kudos to Tom for going above and beyond as a private investigator for me.
Lori L.
San Diego, CA