Security & Executive Protection Services

We take personal protection seriously. Utilizing the latest advances in intrusion detection and access control, we can provide more comprehensive security—focused on detecting and preventing threats—before they pose real danger.


Intelligence-Driven Security
& Protection Services

Business leaders, families of high net worth individuals, and prominent executives should feel safe regardless of the time or place. For complete protection, a security strategy with the right tactics supported by welltrained security specialists is required. At Landmark Investigations, we have the experience and expertise to not only provide reliable protection, but also to help deter and reduce threats by creating high-level security strategies and plans—both physical and digital. We offer a single, connected, global source for all risk management and security concerns to create an ecosystem of constant connected awareness. This approach allows us to monitor people, places, and assets 24/7/365, no matter where they are globally. 

Executive Protection Solutions

Our security solutions are supported by a proactive and responsive team. We provide our own training to ensure they are professional, discreet, and effective.


“Our philosophy is the best security solutions must include advanced preparations, meticulous planning, timely information, relationships with local authorities, the use of highly trained professionals, and be intelligence-driven.” 

Tom Graybill, CEO of Landmark Investigations


Additional Security Options

We maximize our security offerings by delivering and incorporating a comprehensive suite of security and protection offerings.


Protection & Security

Our specialists average 20 years experience in handling complex investigations and security details, with expertise in all aspects of threat management, security design and engineering, physical, technical and operational security, countermeasures, information security and more. We offer armed and unarmed agents that facilitate crowd control for vehicles and pedestrians, perform basic law enforcement tasks, act as a first responder liaison, and more. We maximize our security offerings by delivering and incorporating many more executive protection and security options than typical close protection services.

New Site Development

Imagine how safe a building would be with trace and explosive detection, computer networking, and biometrics. Whether you’re building a new headquarters, shopping center, residence or other structure, you can significantly reduce security risks by including these and other features in your blueprint.

Security Technology

Our intrusion detection and access control allow us to detect and prevent threats before they pose real danger. Features like facial/license plate recognition, thermal imaging and loitering detection, security technology, and worldwide criminal/terrorist databases, give us the ability to protect you, your family, and your most valuable assets.

School Vulnerability Assessments

Our emergency planning and vulnerability assessments help minimize threats and potential damage, and ensure student and faculty safety. Understanding key vulnerability points and building community partnerships allows schools and districts to protect against natural disasters, technology blackouts, terrorists, active shooter incidents, and more.

Threat & Risk Assessment

With the highest risk modeling guidelines and methodologies, we significantly lower the risks to data centers, private homes, industrial assets and more. We determine the origin/profile of potential threats, then implement access control to increase site and technology security. Our assessments follow strict guidelines to ensure the privacy of your assets.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Individuals, organizations and competitors should not be allowed to use technology to spy on you. Anyone from a revengeful partner to a law enforcement agency may try to access sensitive, confidential information. We can help you fight back with the latest technology surveillance countermeasures to detect and eliminate spying.


Our Testimonials

Our primary objective is to present our clients with the information they need to make confident, well-informed decisions. We’ve saved millions of dollars for our clients using our unrivaled experience, professionalism, and steadfast commitment to producing results.

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Tom was great to work with from start
to finish, I hired him to do investigative work and surveillance for my case.
Highly recommended for any type of
private investigation work
and surveillance!
Caitlin L.
Studio City, CA
We're very pleased with the employee background check work that Tom did for
us on short notice. I especially liked that
he had years of experience here in OC
and that he had a good understanding
of the legal issues.
Crystal P.
Huntington Beach, CA
I highly recommend Tom if you ever find that you need a smart, dedicated and reliable private investigator for any type of investigation. I need to give extra kudos to Tom for going above and beyond as a private investigator for me.
Lori L.
San Diego, CA