Private Investigation
& Surveillance Solutions

Our team of experienced investigators, former senior high ranking federal agents, and security specialists use their expertise to discreetly handle investigations for private clients, corporations, law firms, and insurance companies.

Integrity, Determination, & Results

Determination & Results

Navigating Uncertainty
with Confidence

Given the increase of fraudulent activities in business, due in large part to new technologies and platforms, access to an experienced fraud investigation team is critical. In fact, managing risk and vulnerabilities that come from corruption, fraud, and other threats are becoming a basic business requirement. We help clients manage legal, financial, and corporate investigations, as well as civil and criminal defense, family law cases, insurance claims, missing persons investigations, and more. For over 20 years, we have developed and executed complex investigations in the United States and abroad, providing services to clients in these primary concern areas.

Attorney Services

Our legal support team uses strategic research and information-gathering to help attorneys create a stronger case, support a theory, or provide integral details used in court, mediation, or negotiations.

Corporate Services

As a full service corporate investigations firm, we help public and private corporations, as well as small and medium sized businesses succeed at protecting their assets, people, interests, and reputation.

Security Services

Our security services include all aspects of threat management, physical security, technical security, operational security, security design and engineering, countermeasures, information security and more.

“Prompt turnaround, quality investigations, and diligent communication are qualities that have enabled us to work with some of the largest law firms, insurance companies, and Fortune 500 companies in the world.” 

Tom Graybill, CEO of Landmark Investigations


Our multi-disciplinary team of investigators, researchers and experts provide prompt turnaround and ongoing communication—delivering the facts needed to make make educated claims decisions.


Our experienced forensic consultants and SIU experts analyze data, evidence, and digital technology to help companies detect fraud, identify liable parties, mitigate risk, and recover losses.

Executive-Level Background Checks

For companies involved with IPOs, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, or partnerships deals, our investigators can help you find past dealings and behaviors which may hurt the future of your business.


Comprehensive Investigation
& Surveillance Solutions

Landmark Investigations is a full service private investigation agency licensed by the state of California and fully insured. Headquartered in Corona Del Mar with a second location in Los Angeles, we serve the needs of private clients, corporations, legal professionals, and insurance companiesThe results of a well-planned investigation can put your suspicions to rest and restore your peace of mind. 

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Our investigators are experts in conducting surveillance for legal counsel in support of litigation. They know nothing drives the point better than high definition video evidence.


We specialize in investigating the backgrounds of prospective executives, employees, and board members to help protect your investment, name and brand, and your future. 

State & Federal
Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense investigators can validate law enforcement work, and are exceptionally proficient at gathering new sources of information, important evidence, and witnesses.

Personal Injury

Our investigators work alongside businesses and attorneys on suspected fraudulent claims to effectively identify and reveal inconsistencies necessary to resolving these cases.

& Family Law

Our domestic investigators consult with attorneys to identify and collect the necessary evidence to prove a given case in all aspects of family law and other domestic legal proceedings.


Our Testimonials

Our primary objective is to present our clients with the information they need to make confident, well-informed decisions. We have saved millions of dollars for our clients using our unrivaled experience, professionalism, and steadfast commitment to producing results.

We deliver the answers you deserve.

Tom was great to work with from start
to finish, I hired him to do investigative work and surveillance for my case.
Highly recommended for any type of
private investigation work
and surveillance!
Caitlin L.
Studio City, CA
We're very pleased with the employee background check work that Tom did for
us on short notice. I especially liked that
he had years of experience here in OC
and that he had a good understanding
of the legal issues.
Crystal P.
Huntington Beach, CA
I highly recommend Tom if you ever find that you need a smart, dedicated and reliable private investigator for any type of investigation. I need to give extra kudos to Tom for going above and beyond as a private investigator for me.
Lori L.
San Diego, CA


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Trusted Partnerships with Top Data Source Providers

We partner with the most reputable data source providers in the industry to power our background checks. This ensures that our clients receive the most accurate and up-to-date information available for their case.